An e-commerce website featuring a 3D configuration tool.


Our client had a clear vision of creating a store that would allow customers to design and create their own unique headphones using a 3D configurator.


Our company’s task was to create an online platform that would enable customers to browse available options, select colors, patterns, cable types, and other accessories such as cases or bags.


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  • UX/UI E-commerce Design
  • Web Development
  • 3D Configurator




$10 000+

During the development of the website for our client, an online store with a 3D configurator for personalizing headphones, we focused on utilizing the latest and most innovative design solutions. We applied the latest trends in web design, such as minimalism, flat design, and responsiveness, to create a visually attractive and user-friendly platform. Additionally, we employed the latest tools and technologies to provide an excellent user experience, such as interactive elements, animations, and fast page load times. Together, these elements provide users of our website with a unique experience and enable them to create personalized headphones hassle-free.

When designing, we focused on making the store very intuitive and focused on conversion

Another key element of the project was to ensure a convenient and easy way of making purchases. Our team was responsible for designing an intuitive user interface that enabled customers to easily browse options, add them to their cart, and complete the payment process in a few simple steps.


Design optimized for mobile devices.

As part of our work on the online store project with a 3D configurator for personalizing headphones, we also created a mobile-friendly design to provide convenient and intuitive use of our site on mobile devices. To achieve this goal, we adjusted the page layout to different screen sizes and mobile devices using a responsive design. As a result, users can browse our website and configure their headphones easily, regardless of the device they use. This increases the number of potential customers and improves their experience using our site.

The 3D Configurator

The 3D configurator that we implemented in the online store for our client allows customers to create personalized headphone designs. With the configurator, customers can choose from a variety of construction options, such as the size and shape of the earcups, cable type, driver type, and color. Additionally, they can add various patterns, text, or logos to the earcups to create a unique product. All of these options are available in an interactive and user-friendly interface, which allows users to preview and adjust their design in real-time. This enables customers to create their own personalized headphones that meet their individual needs and preferences.