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A workshop of unlimited possibilities

We created an image and sales website for a company that deals with spatial forms for the advertising industry and exhibitions.


The website design catches recipients’ attention with its unique form. We enriched the project with animated accents. The stripes and lines that are going across the entire website symbolize the effect of cutting a plexiglass.

The scope of work:

Google ADS campaign
Projekt strony internetowej plexitech
Wygląd strony na mobile plexitech
Wygląd podstron plexitech
Kolorystyka UI plexitech

Navy and orange accents

The website was created on the basis of the company’s brandbook. We used the colors with which the company has already familiarized its recipients.

The structure of the website has been thought-out in such a way that the potential customer quickly finds the offer and company’s phone number. The website is operated through the WordPress Content Management System.

Grid strony internetowej plexitech


The main purpose of the website was to display the offer. There are also extensive implementations and services for business clients.

Landing page plexitech

Matched Google Ads campaign

We have also prepared Google ADS campaign.

Kampania google ads